Hot Water Heater Service, Repair and Installation

Heating water accounts for up to 20% of the average South Delta home’s energy budget. Some gas-fired tankless water heaters claim to cut energy costs by up to half versus regular storage heaters, but their added up front costs mean it pays to look before you leap.  Here are some tips to help you compare storage tank hot water heaters and tankless hot water heaters:

Storage Tanks: Most hot water heaters engineered as storage tanks are essentially steel cylinders fed by a cold water inlet pipe.  The water is heated up using gas or electricity and stored inside the tank where upon the water is constantly heated and stored for every use.  Gas models cost more than electric models but on the basis of national-average fuel costs, a gas water heater will cost you about half as much to run as a comparable electric model.

Tankless Heaters:  These models are suitcase sized units that heat water only when needed by using an electric coil or natural gas to heat water passing through a heat exchanger inside the unit.  Benefits of a tankless hot water heating unit include no loss of energy by constantly reheating water as well as having hot water available at all times.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Hot Water Tank?

If you live in Ladner or Tsawwassen, you’ve probably asked yourself when the right time is to replace  your hot water tank. This is a big question with lots of different answers. It seems that every month we are replacing a hot water tank in Ladner or Tsawwassen that was left to deteriorate to the point where water damage was caused to their home. Below is a list of “tell-tale signs” to help you know when its time to change your water heater – hopefully before its too late.

Water heater is leaking, but I can’t see where

Water not as hot as it used to be

Pieces of white plastic in my aerators

Unable to release water through the drain valve

Gas pilot will not stay lit

Little or no pressure on the hot side

Hot or cold connections are rusty on top of tank

The T&P valve is rusty or letting water past

Be sure to ask about rebate options for installing a new, energy saving hot water heater unit!  We also provide repair and service of your existing fireplace or gas insert.

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