Ensure your home is not exposed to Poly-B.

Poly B, also known as Polybutylene, is a semi-flexible grey pipe used in residential plumbing systems. It was installed in between the years of 1985 and 1997 because of its flexibility, low cost, and ease of installation. Estimates are that in Canada there are over 700,000 houses that have Poly-B installed before it was discontinued. Every single one of these homes is at risk of poly-b failure. As time passes it becomes more of a risk for failure. It’s not a matter of if but when it fails.

Why should I replace my Poly-B plumbing?

1) Poly-B in a home is degraded by the chlorine found in the water. Chlorine will make the pipes brittle over time and will eventually lead to pinhole leaks or even a complete pipe failure. If not caught early this can lead to damaging your home, even worse you may not detect this damage.

2) Homeowners may experience difficulty in securing insurance and Poly-B plumbing can discourage potential buyers from purchasing your home in the future.

Why can you do about Poly-B?

Eventually, all Poly-B will fail and ideally it should be replaced before the risk of failure. If replacing is not a current option there are some steps you can take to slow down the rate of failure.

Replace plastic fittings:
Some fittings were made of plastic and often failed over time. It is easy to check if you have plastic fittings and they should be replaced copper or brass fittings.

Lower water pressure:
Pressure-reducing valves can be installed to reduce the water pressure, this reduces the stress on the pipes and fittings and may extend the life of your Poly-B pipes.

Reduce chlorine:
Chlorine in water can speed up the degradation of poly-B pipes.  Installing a filter to remove chlorine before the  water comes into your home.

Reduce your heat:
Hot water will make Poly-B pipes degrade quicker. Consider lowering the minimum acceptable level.  BC Hydro recommends setting the tank to no lower than 55 degrees.

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Jeff Knauer
Jeff Knauer
21:22 21 Mar 23
Ahead of schedule service fast on repair. Definitely recommend acorn, plumbing and heating.
Ron Bethueser
Ron Bethueser
18:14 13 Mar 23
I totally recommend Acorn to help with anything needed with heating and plumbing. Efficient, super helpful and knowledgeable technicians on the two occasions that I have had them here over the past few years.Today I was delighted to be able to ask the advice of Dennis (the technician who was here to do a check over of my furnace) about a problem that had been bugging me for years with the noisy fan of my fireplace. I was thrilled that he was able to quickly troubleshoot the issue and is now arranging with his Acorn colleague to see about ordering a replacement part.I also was able to learn more about my furnace and after seeing the filter that it would be advisable to have the ducts cleaned (I have 3 big dogs). I was able to get a referral to reliable company with a 10% discount—again, supportive, helpful and efficient.The technician also checked my water tank and offered very helpful advice (and will ask his Acorn colleagues to check (via the tank’s serial numbers) as to what it’s longevity is before it should be replaced. I am a big fan of being proactive to avoid “disasters” such as a leaking tank so I am feeling relieved about the water tank (which has been on my mind for a while).What I really appreciate is the support and assistance through the technician’s helpful attitude, knowledge, efficiency plus follow through which for me translates to peace of mind as a homeowner.Having a quality company that I can trust and depend on translates to peace of mind. I totally recommend Acorn Plumbing and Heating.
Wendy Steeves
Wendy Steeves
23:57 11 Mar 23
The Acorn team installed a new combination hot water / boiler system to replace our 25 year old boiler & aged water tank. The project was completed professionally, on-time & on-budget. Much appreciated ! Joe
Joe Moric
Joe Moric
19:17 29 Jan 23
If you're thinking about using Acorn Services just do it. I recommend them to family and friends without hesitation. I cannot overstate how professional, knowledgeable, and friendly everyone is and how they work together seamlessly as a team. In Jan 2021, Acorn Services rescued me and replaced several cracked and leaking pipes. How they operated convinced me to switch my maintenance services exclusively to them. Recently our 50 year old boiler had finally reached its endpoint. Shane provided me with options to replace the boiler and hot water tank (also at end of life) with a combined system, the pro's and con's of each vendor, assured me that everything was included in the quote (and it was), advised me of the rebates, coordinated the schedule with me, and let me know what I could expect. Austin led the install with help from Max and they went above and beyond. Our mechanical room was pretty funky and it had an ancient snow melt machine and old shelving that they removed at no extra cost. What a transformation over two days to see all the old stuff out and this clean, modern system mounted on the wall, and tucked in the corner. The room looks amazing - you can tell that they created a design for the room and installed the system to give us the most free space possible. There was an issue with a component of the vendor hardware, which the guys worked late into a Friday evening to resolve, but it required a new part. Jamie arrived the following morning and replaced the part, tuned the system, and got it up and running in less than an hour. Overall a great group of people and we're extremely satisfied.
Barry Caswell
Barry Caswell
19:04 14 Jan 23
Had a problem with our boiler. Acorn responded quickly. Fixed the problem. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable. I have used Acorn previously for the install which was done well and priced better than other quotes received
David Whyte
David Whyte
21:15 13 Jan 23
James and his associate did a good job, I highly recommend Acorn for plumbing and heating needs.
Bob Hart
Bob Hart
21:24 10 Jan 23
This is not an easy review to write. The office staff have been excellent, they communicate effectively in a timely fashion and are very knowledgeable despite not being trained technicians.My concern lies with the service Acorn provided.My furnace stopped working and I called Acorn on Friday, I explained the situation and also said that I had an alternate source of heat in the house so it wasn’t an urgent issue.I was called on Tuesday with the news that a technician was available and he correctly diagnosed a faulty gas valve. The valve was replaced and I was billed $149 for the call out (which I knew about) and $508 for the valve (which seems a little steep).From that day on we noticed a smell that we thought was gas but did not smell like rotten eggs as BC Hydro describe so we were confused what it might be.My wife eventually convinced me to call Acorn and to their credit a technician was dispatched that day.He confirmed that the smell was indeed gas and there were two leaks, one from a loose out pressure tap on the valve and one due to the flare nut being cross threaded when the valve was installed.He fixed both leaks under warranty.I called Acorn to express my concern about the cross threaded flare nut as a potential source of future leaks. The office staff said they were pretty sure it would be fine but that I should check for leaks on a regular basis. I was not satisfied with this answer. The office said that the Service Manager would call me to discuss my concerns. That was one week ago. No call.I would like Acorn to replace the cross threaded gas valve with a new one so my family and I can feel confident that it isn’t likely to develop a leak sometime in the future.I also would like to reiterate that gas does not smell like rotten eggs, so if you suspect something may be gas - assume it is and call in an HVAC tech. I didn’t, and put my family at risk for nearly a week while I tried to figure out what the smell was.I sent this review to Acorn and got a call from the service manager who apologized and told me that the service tech who said the fitting had been cross threaded said that he didn’t mean it was cross threaded and shouldn’t have written that. I asked for a picture of the threads which the tech had taken at the time and they looked okay.I am not completely comfortable with the state of our furnace and will be closely monitoring it for leaks. I asked that they schedule a follow up check in about six months or whenever their quiet time is to be sure we haven’t developed a slow leak. I also suggested they do a comp service while they were here to compensate us for the hassle and risk they caused. No reply.In all conscience I can’t recommend Acorn.After posting this review I received a call from one of the owners. She had no issues with any of my comments and apologized, noting that the service people are run off their feet at the moment but that was no excuse for not responding to my last communication. She offered to send someone round to confirm their were no leaks and also agreed that in the circumstances my request for a follow up check and complimentary tune up during the Spring were completely reasonable. She immediately followed that up with an email confirmation. She is proud of the people they employ and wanted to make sure that I was a satisfied customer. I had initially given them 3 stars, it is a shame it took a dodgy review to get good service. I am not sure yet how I feel about using them again, but as far as this transaction is concerned I am satisfied with the final outcome.Ian Denison
Ian Denison
Ian Denison
21:58 25 Nov 22
I made an appointment for a technician to come and look at my heat pumps because I was having trouble with them. The technician showed up and asked what the problems I was having with my system, I explained the problems and he told me what he thought he should do to find the problems. He told what he thought it could be and gave me options on how he wanted to proceed, also let me know the probable costs and came to an agreement. Thank god he did a thorough investigation before diving into what I thought was wrong because he figured out the problem and cost me half of what I thought the problem was. I would use Acorn again and if all their technicians are as good as the one I had there a very lucky company.John Newman
Scribner Man
Scribner Man
01:41 27 Oct 22

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