With annual maintenance, your furnace will
keep your home comfortably warm

Increased Energy Bills
  • Your furnace might not be operating efficiently anymore
  • The motor might be wearing out
  • The filter may be plugged
Heating Inconsistencies
  • Your furnace no longer distributes heat in all rooms equally
Noisy Furnace
  • Clanking sounds other than expansion or contraction of the vents is not normal
  • A buildup of particles can cause strange noises from your system
  • A squealing sound may mean a well-worn motor or fan belt
Excessive Dust and Soot
  • Could reveal issues with the ignition or burning chamber
  • Could indicate a plugged filter
Excessive Dust and Soot
  • A sign of poor ventilation, humidity conditions, or excessive water temperature
  • Rust can corrode the important parts of your HVAC system including the heat exchanger
  • Causes the spread of air pollutants within your home

We realize a new furnace is a large investment you make for your home. But the heating system in your home is like the lungs of a person. The furnace circulates the heat and air that everyone inside the home breathes and lives in. It is an expensive purchase but if you make sure everything is done by a licensed professional and is properly serviced and maintained your new furnace will last you many years.

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