With annual maintenance, your gas fireplace will
burn brightly for years

To protect your Regency gas fireplace and ensure its clean-burning performance for years to come, have it inspected and serviced annually. You can also perform general maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the glass door and vacuuming the fan (after turning off the gas valve), yourself.

Instructions for lighting and shutting off your gas fireplace are included on the lighting plate on your fireplace, as well as in your fireplace model’s manual on the Regency website.

The manual for your model also contains information on:

    • How to adjust the flame height
    • How to clean your glass door
    • Replacing log sets
    • Replacing remote batteries
    • What paint to use, if you need to refinish your fireplace
    • Replacing door gaskets
    • Replacing door glass
    • What to expect the first time you use your fireplace
    • Normal operating sounds of gas appliances

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