To avoid damage when leakage occurs:

STEP 1 – Turn Off the Gas or Electricity Power Source

For a gas water heater, above the thermostat is a dial. Twist the thermostat dial to the OFF position. To cut the power to an electric power water heater, go to your circuit breaker box, locate the breaker to your water heater and switch it to the OFF position.

STEP 2 – Turn Off the Water Supply

Turn the water shut off valve clockwise until it stops. If this does not stop the water flow, then turn off the valve of the main water line to the house.

STEP 3 – Drain the Hot Water Tank

Attaching a hose to the drain valve of the water heater’s tank will allow you to remove all the water housed inside. The other end of the hose should be in a lower area at a safe location to dispense the water. Then to let air into the tank, open the hot water faucets in the house.


The water coming out of the tank is still likely to be hot! To answer all of your hot water heater questions or if you need our emergency services right away, call ACORN SERVICE GROUP

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